Please note: I currently have a wait list for a regular ongoing time, but when I have cancellations I offer these to my wait list folks. Given that it’s summer, I have an increase in cancellations, so if you have a flexible schedule it is likely we can get the ball rolling before we find a regular time. If you are open to this arrangement, please get in touch and we will schedule a free consultation in the near future to help you determine if you want to be on my wait list.

Therapy - Is it for me?

Though I can't claim to be a super hero, this is a wonderful introduction for those who are new to therapy.

Finding the right Fit

Making the decision to come to therapy is an important one.
To help you explore your options,
I offer a free half-an-hour in-person consultation session.
The progress you make will in large part depend on how safe you feel to explore yourself with your therapist, so finding a good fit is really important. I find that an in-person meeting is the best way for us to discover if we click and are on the same page about your therapy goals. If we find that we are not the best match, we can talk more about what you're looking for and I can provide referrals to colleagues who may be better able to meet your needs.

Call or email me to set up your free consultation. 
(971) 238-9656


My current fees are:

  • $145 for 45 minute individual sessions

  • $165 for 55-60 minute individual sessions

I am an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and PacificSource. You are responsible for confirming that I am an in-network provider with your insurance. I can also bill as an out-of-network provider for other insurances.

In my partnership with The Float Shoppe, my clients float for a discount - only $49 per float (that's 30% off!). Haven't heard about floating? Read more here

Location - NW Portland

My office is location within The Float Shoppe, 1515 NW 23rd Ave. We have a parking lot in front that you are welcome to use if it's not full and the 15 bus goes right by us. Street parking in this  neighborhood is now metered. My clients who live in the area love the convenience and my clients that live elsewhere in town really enjoy this cute part of Portland with lots of great restaurants and little shops. 

Unfortunately, my office is on the second floor of an old Victorian home, so my clients need to be able to navigate up a flight of stairs. I apologize for not having an ADA accessible office at this time; it is certainly my hope for the future. 


local low fee therapy options

If you don't have insurance and are unable to pay my fee out-of-pocket, here are some options for sliding scale and low fee therapy in and around Portland (this is not a comprehensive list).