Phoenix Rising Psychology LLC is Dr. Sarah Voruz, Licensed Psychologist (OR #2610). My private psychotherapy practice is based out of the holistic wellness center The Float Shoppe in Portland, Oregon. Working from a contemporary Gestalt therapy orientation, I help my clients increase self-awareness to give them more choices in their lives and address both short- and long-term issues.

In my private practice, I enjoy seeing clients from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of therapeutic needs and interests. I work out of a holistic wellness center because I believe that the mind and body are closely connected and problems in one often creates or exacerbates problems in the other. I particularly enjoy working with people on finding their identity, breaking out of painful beliefs about the self and others, navigating transitions, enriching relationships, and developing life-affirming death awareness. I also strive to help people integrate significant experiences, whether it's trauma, existential awakenings, or psychedelic journeys. I believe that doing personal work is crucial not only for our own benefit, but for the benefit of the world. Therapy can be particularly helpful if you are interested in opening yourself up for social justice work, by helping you to understand your beliefs, biases, and barriers to showing up in this way.

Creating a safe and trusting relationship with my clients is of the utmost importance so that my clients can explore themselves and confront the obstacles to making changes in their lives. I aim to facilitate a lively therapeutic process by focusing on the present moment, offering creative experiments to try out new ways of being, and connecting the dots to provide a bigger picture understanding of how our past influences the present.

I find that emotions are an important part of the puzzle, being the vehicle through which we process previous experiences and identify current needs. As a therapist, I see myself as a guide to assist my clients in removing the barriers to knowing themselves deeply, living authentically, and connecting with the world at large. We all have the inner wisdom needed to heal and thrive and I'd love to help you rediscover it.

I encourage the use of meditation practices to further our work and support new habits of mind and being. This is not a requirement to work with me, but it is a highly effective way to cultivate traits that better align with the kind of life you want to have. I can support you to begin a practice by identifying what kind of meditation works for you, addressing barriers, and processing what comes up as you experiment with new ways of being.

I earned my undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I graduated from Pacific University's School of Professional Psychology with my doctorate in clinical psychology in 2013, where I completed practica involving general practice, domestic violence, and working with college students. Both my thesis and dissertation focused on self-compassion, which I find to be an essential tool for those who struggle with low self-worth or are very hard on themselves.

Phoenix Rising

The phoenix is a mythical bird that bursts into flames at the end of its life, only to rise anew from its ashes. It is a symbol of the cycle of life that appears in various forms in cultures throughout the world and time. To me, it represents my belief that there is a lot to gain from the inherent struggles of being human. We can't help but fall at times, but when we rise again we can find a life that is more vibrant and full than it might have been without those experiences. I'd like to help you rise with intention and open eyes to move toward the life you really want. 


Location - NW Portland

My office is located within The Float Shoppe, 1515 NW 23rd Ave. We have a parking lot in front that you are welcome to use if it's not full, and the 15 bus goes right by us. Street parking is now metered. Unfortunately, my office is on the second floor of the building so my clients need to be able to navigate up a flight of stairs. I apologize for not having an ADA accessible office at this time; it is certainly my hope for the future. 


I believe that our surroundings have a big impact on our mood, and so I strive to create a welcoming space with nature-based decorations. The Float Shoppe itself is a warm and welcoming environment with helpful staff, rotating local art, local tea, and a foot bath to soak your feet as you wait for you appointment. There is an energy of health and healing here that many of my clients comment on and those of us who work here feel privileged to be a part of it.